FAQs & Info

How do I register?

Register Here

Your registration and payment will be acknowledged by email within 48 hours.  If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact: acceurope@judylaneics.com

Can I cancel or substitute my registration?

You can cancel your registration in writing to acceurope@judylaneics.com

Cancellations received before 30 April 2021 will receive a refund of the fees paid less a €20 administration charge.  No refunds will be made after this date.

Eligible registration substitutions from the same organisation, will be allowed without penalty, if notification is received, in writing to acceurope@judylaneics.com, prior to the start of the event .

Do I need to register for individual working sessions?

Access to all sessions is included in your registration fee.

How do I access the virtual conference?

You will be sent log-in details to the virtual platform prior to the conference.  Please do not share these details as unauthorised attendance from non-registered attendees is prohibited and will result in an invoice for the relevant conference registration fees being issued.

What technology do I need to attend the virtual conference?

You will need a stable internet connection, a laptop, desktop device, tablet or mobile phone.

When attending an interactive law lab session or networking session, which will be run on the Zoom platform, it will be beneficial to switch on your webcam and microphone.

We recommend that delegates use a headset or earphones with a built-in microphone for optimising their experience during the Law Lab and networking sessions.

Are all conference sessions open to me?

Participation in all conference sessions is included in the conference delegate fees.

Can I ask a question during the sessions?

All sessions will have a Q&A function available during live attendance.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Sessions, other than the law labs, will be recorded and will be made available for delegates to view on demand on the virtual conference platform.

Will I get a certificate of attendance?

Certificates will be available, upon request, at the conclusion of the conference.  Please contact: acceurope@judylaneics.com

Still have questions?

Contact us at acceurope@judylaneics.com


The 2021 ACC Europe Annual Conference includes video conferencing sessions, using third party platforms – SpotMe and Zoom. The majority of the content is LIVE, and therefore is unmoderated, unfiltered, and unedited. It is conducted on the basis of trust and professionalism. ACC and ACC Europe cannot accept any responsibility for the performance of these platforms, and the internet links on which they depend. As these webinars are online, they may be vulnerable to hacking and abuse from outside parties, and we rely on the provider to ensure the security of their platform. ACC and ACC Europe cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from participating in the Conference, neither for and not limited to, exposure to indecent, inflammatory, offensive, sexist or racist content.

Any views expressed during the sessions by the speakers, moderators or participants are solely based upon personal opinion and should not be taken as professional advice. Furthermore, any opinions are expressly those of the participants and not necessarily the views of ACC and ACC Europe. ACC and ACC Europe take all possible measures to advise participants beforehand, to behave in a professional manner, and do not encourage or incite any prejudicial behaviour against individuals, communities, nations, governments, religions or cultures that may cause offence and hurt to others or encouraging actions that break any laws. However, if this does occur, ACC and ACC Europe will intervene as soon as possible to prevent further occurrences, which could result in participants being restricted from further sessions. In serious cases, offending participants may be banned from all future webinars and conferences.

ACC Code of Conduct for Events

Any person wishing to share content should ensure that they are not violating copyright. ACC and ACC Europe will not be held liable for any such breach. However, if copyright infringement occurs, ACC and ACC Europe will intervene as soon as possible to prevent further occurrences, which could result in participants being restricted from further sessions.

Image and Voice Recordings

ACC and ACC Europe will be recording sessions (audio and video), taking screenshots, photographs and videos of the conference for the legitimate purpose of disseminating information about their activities, and your image may be processed accordingly.  In some instances, you may be clearly identifiable in the picture or audio. All attendees of the conference grant ACC and ACC Europe the right to use any image, photograph, voice recording or likeness, recorded during this virtual conference without limitation and without compensation, in its promotional materials and on its website. All such recordings are the property of ACC and ACC Europe and may be used by ACC and ACC Europe for any purpose. ACC and ACC Europe will generally retain your image and/or voice for no more than 10 years.