11. Navigation and strategy: The lawyer’s critical public policy role in leading the business

In the 21st century, CEOs must be adept at not only addressing the essential aspects of business, but – aided by general counsel, public affairs executives and other business team members – must also be capable of addressing business-in-society issues such as legislation, regulation, international trade policy, enforcement, and litigation, all of which may create risk and opportunity in all dimensions of business.  [To be effective, a CEO’s approach must begin with their commitment to corporate processes that explicitly include a public policy dimension across diverse policy subjects, business units, and geographies.]  Unsurprisingly, successful international corporations, such as those in digital services, commonly place trained attorneys in high-level public policy positions, drawing on their legal training to ensure businesses navigate the world of policy intelligently when making decisions and strategising.

Track: Lead the Business
Date: Tuesday 25 May 2021 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 Level: B I A


Dean Garfield Susanna Mäkelä Naveen Tuli