38. Building on lessons learned: Reinventing legal departments – transitioning teams to the next phase

This session will be recorded and made available in the replay café

A defining characteristic of modern business is the expectation that GCs run the Legal Department as a business – optimising resource allocation and effectiveness, redefining the legal department as a value-adding business unit, and bridging relationships with cross-functional teams. At the same time, innovations in process and technology are forcing in-house legal team to engage in a constant process of reinvention and restructuring to adapt to both business and market pressures.

In this session, you will learn more about the way GCs, CLOs and legal operations officers orchestrate the transitioning of legal teams in a context of constant innovation. We will hear from experienced colleagues how to manage transitions and how they incorporated innovation along the way to deliver better outcomes for their business.

Level: I/A

Track: Lead the Business
Date: Thursday 27 May 2021 Time: 11:15 - 12:15 Level: I A


Graham Allan Ruth Bayley Douwe Groenevelt Kimberly Nuzum