15. Networking - Face to Face!

Grab a drink at the end of the conference days and join us for some fun socialising in the Networking lounge.  Experience a face-to-face, table-side chat with your peers. Just click on a table and start talking! To switch to a different table and conversation, just double click an empty chair on the table you want to move to, it’s that simple!  You can find friends and colleagues and hook up with them at a table or just mingle and enjoy the conversation!

For the best experience:

  • Add a photo and your name to your profile when you log in to the Remo Platform
  • Ensure that your camera and microphone are on
  • Switch tables by double clicking on an empty chair
  • When joining a table, those already there will hear a knock
  • The latest version of Google Chrome is recommended
  • If using a professional laptop, the parameters of your VPN or firewall may stop you from using Remo fully.  Here are some guidelines for your IT department and a gear test 

You can also text chat with people via the:

  • General chat
  • Table chat
  • Private chat


Date: Tuesday 25 May 2021 Time: 16:15 - 17:15 Level: