Damian Bethke

Damian Bethke - General Counsel, MessageBird

Damian’s interest in law began at a young age, when he became fascinated by the positive impact that lawyers can have on the world. He attended law school in his native Switzerland, and thereafter moved to China where he studied in Beijing and completed a PhD in Law and Philosophy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Eager to apply his academic training to the real world, in 2008 Damian began to work for an international law firm in Switzerland. In 2012, he co-founded WheelsplusWings, a social venture that seeks to uplift the expectations of children with physical disabilities and change attitudes about what is possible. He later became the Chief Legal Officer at Global Message Services AG, an international messaging service provider in Switzerland.

In 2018 Damian joined MessageBird as General Counsel — a role that allows him to build and lead the company’s legal operations, information security and corporate governance. Their team has grown to more than 400 employees and MessageBird is currently valuated at US $3 billion.

Damian is passionate about building things from the ground up and running high-paced operations with no playbooks. He also approaches work with philosophies he learned during 10 years as a professional athlete and member of the Swiss National Kayak Team. Damian’s sweet spot lies at guiding a business through a complex and disruptive landscape, to balance the trade-offs between scale, risk and speed.