Douwe Groenevelt

Douwe Groenevelt - Deputy General Counsel, ASML

Douwe is Deputy General Counsel at ASML.

Douwe manages the group that is responsible for Contracts & Litigation (worldwide), as well as the China Group. He is also responsible for the Legal Operations strategy of the Corporate Legal Department. He previously managed the Legal Compliance department (incl. Ethics).

Next to his position at ASML, Douwe is a lecturer and a regular speaker at post academic training institutes (incl. Grotius) and seminars, speaking on a range of topics including (IP) litigation, competition law, legal department management and Legal Operations.

He co-founded PLOT, the Platform on Legal Operations & Technology, a leading industry group of peers in Dutch multinational companies active in the field of legal operations.

In 2020, Douwe won the 'Best Legal Counsel' award from SDU (“Gouden Zandloper”).

Douwe studied law at VU University (Amsterdam) and UC Berkeley (California). Before joining ASML, he worked for 9 years as a technology lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. In 2010 he established De Brauw's office in Brussels and managed that office as its Resident Partner until 2014.

ASML is the world’s leading provider of lithography systems, complex and highly innovative machines that are critical to the production of microchips. With operations all across the globe and a market cap of over EUR 175 billion, ASML is Europe’s largest technology company.