Aoife Sexton

Aoife Sexton - Chief Privacy Officer and Chief of Product Innovation, Trūata

Aoife acts as Chief Privacy Officer and Chief of Product Innovation in Truata, a privacy-enhanced data analytics solutions provider that specialises in privacy risk assessment, de-identification and true anonymization of data. Trūata enables businesses to unlock powerful insights with its suite of proprietary solutions, while complying with the highest global data protection standards.

She is a technology and privacy lawyer with over 25 years’ experience working in and with companies in the technology sector. A focus during her career has been on advising companies on how to adapt business models to the ever-changing data protection laws, on how to embed privacy by design into day to day operations, on developing proactive corporate strategies to demonstrate compliance thereby building customer trust, on managing cross-border data transfers as well as managing multi-jurisdictional product launches.

She is a graduate of University College Dublin (BCL) and a postgraduate of the College of Europe (Bruges) and holds IAPP privacy qualification CIPP/E. She is a regular lecturer at the Law Society of Ireland on data protection and technology law.