Ruth Coles

Ruth Coles - Vice President & Legal Lead International Developed Markets, Pfizer

Ruth graduated with BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from Manchester University in the UK and subsequently completed her a Postgraduate Diploma in Law in Manchester and York. She completed her Legal training at Rollits, a commercial law firm in Hull, UK.

At around 2.5 years qualification, Ruth took a position as junior counsel in the Pfizer UK team in Surrey, England. From there, Ruth moved through positions of increasing responsibility to Legal Director, Pfizer UK and eventually to her current role as Legal Lead for the International Developed Markets at Pfizer, with a team of around 70 lawyers, legal professionals and support staff from Canada through Europe and extending to Korea, Japan and Australia.

Ruth is responsible for the full spectrum of legal work in the International Developed Markets region and has most recently been spending the majority of her time on vaccine contracting matters for the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, Comirnaty®.