Sabina Medina

Sabina Medina - Holistic Wellness Coach, Pilates Trainer and Founder, Pilates on Pointe

Sabina is a Holistic Wellness Coach and Pilates trainer. She works with corporate firms and charity organisations to spread the benefits and practises of carrying a healthy and full life at work and at home through building personalised daily habits for life.

As a wellbeing advocate, Sabina is committed to help busy individuals and collectives engage with the long term benefits of the practice of physical, mental, spiritual activities and learning to use food and exercise as medicine for reaching their highest personal potential and most fulfilled life.

Having spent 15 years working for corporate and non-for-profit organisations in the United Kingdom and Spain, and managing teams and projects in Europe and USA she understands the importance of “being well” for high performance results.

She believes that the core of having a healthy and happy life lies in consistency in our daily good habits and, love and kindness in every action.

She is passionate about enabling you to become the best version of yourself by giving you the tools to ultimately reach your true self and embrace your magical talents to discover your unique purpose on earth.

She is also the founder of Pilates on Pointe retreats.